Progression at Google Maps

Google maps has recently been updated, and now promises to save you even more time by adding ‘shortcuts’ to its Travel Times widget. This latest feature was brought to us as part of the launch of iOS 10.

‘Shortcuts’ can be located on the lock screen of your iPhone/iPad, providing you with approximates on the duration of your journey. Before this update, Travel Times could only be set between home and work. Now, users are able to customise a number of destinations to their device.

For each of these custom locations, you’re able to make your own labels e.g. for school, music class, gym and so on.

With this, you’ll receive regular updates on the duration google feels it will take you to reach your destination.

Tapping on the location loads the latest turn-by-turn navigation within the Google Maps app on iOS.

This new update will save iPhone users repeatedly having to enter the same addresses e.g. for a weekly appointment.

So, as opposed to typing in the same location for a weekly swimming class, it will already be saved in your ‘Travel Times’ widget. On top of this, you’ll be notified on whether you need to allow more time for your journey for example, due to a road traffic accident or icy conditions.

The new updated maps will even tell you when to get off your met, bus or tram stop- especially helpful on a Monday morning or if you’re new to an area.