Businessman takes on Google and puts ‘the right to be forgotten’ to the test

Google has been taken to London’s High Court by a businessman, in what’s been dubbed as a landmark case over ‘the right to be forgotten’. The man, who has remained anonymous is disputing Google’s choice not to erase links of a 1990’s criminal conviction of his from the search engine. Google, although it vows to … Continued

GFG Style electric car to incorporate Internet of Things technology

Car manufacturer GFG Style and energy company Envision have joined forces to create Sibylla, an electric prototype car, integrating the Internet of Things, which will be showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The concept car is a high-end four-door sedan, powered by Envision’s Enos platform, which can be described as an Internet of Things … Continued

Gun control activists propose boycott of Apple and Amazon over the NRA

Following the infamous Florida mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a 24-hour boycott of Apple and Amazon has been proposed by gun control advocates, due to their relationship with National Rifle Associations NRAtv channel on their corresponding platforms. The issue has attracted massive amounts of popularity under the hashtag “#March1NRABoycott”. Users are calling … Continued

Apple, Cisco and Aon partner up to advance cyber risk management

Recognising cyber risks is of paramount importance to most businesses, but can be something people find themselves vulnerable to, where proper knowledge and procedures aren’t in place. To help the cause, tech giants Apple, Cisco and Aon have joined forces to find an answer. Many of the decisions a business might choose to make e.g. … Continued

Recognising the lack of diversity in tech

It’s not new knowledge that increased workforce diversity contributes to greater revenues and more innovative teams. However, as of yet, white males are still significantly overrepresented throughout the tech industry. The executives category is where the least diversity can be witnessed, with white people dominating 83%, which is 15% above their representation throughout the rest … Continued

China’s Huawei builds British ties

On the 06/04/18, Huawei stated that they will be investing an additional £3 billion on acquiring goods from Britain in the face of U.S conflict. The assurance was made by chairwomen Sun Yafang, at a conference with Theresa May, in accordance with a trade mission to China. These are thought to have resulted in agreements … Continued

Most Dangerous pieces of technology

Technology is developing at an exponential rate, and we’re beginning to see the infinite possibilities it seems to be offering, however, it’s important to consider that not all of these possibilities are good. Below is a list of technologies that if wrongly developed, could leave humanity with questionable consequences. Weaponised nanotechnology Robert Freitas, Nanotechnology theorist … Continued

Harmful Addictive Tech

Ex-employees from tech giants, such as Google and Apple have come together to commence an awareness movement, in attempts to educate users on the addictive properties of technology, and want to encourage tech corporations to adapt their products to become “less intrusive and less addictive”. As part of the campaign, those taking part also intend … Continued

Exciting tech you can expect from 2018

The annual CES conference in Las Vegas promises to bring exciting innovations into the marketplace, and this year was no exception- below is a selection of some of the most anticipated technologies of 2018 that have been brought to light. Tesla VR suit The VR Teslasuit is described as ‘The world’s first full-body haptic feedback, … Continued

Most popular apps of 2017

Apple has released their yearly report of the most downloaded apps of 2017 across the full scope of content available throughout its devices. Across multiple different categories, other than the seemingly obvious like Snapchat or Instagram below is a list of some of the most popular apps of 2017 that you may not have known … Continued