Gun control activists propose boycott of Apple and Amazon over the NRA

Following the infamous Florida mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a 24-hour boycott of Apple and Amazon has been proposed by gun control advocates, due to their relationship with National Rifle Associations NRAtv channel on their corresponding platforms.

The issue has attracted massive amounts of popularity under the hashtag “#March1NRABoycott”. Users are calling for us to abstain from spending money with Amazon and Apple.

At present, Apple provides access NRAtv through Apple TV within the tvOS App Store, Amazon also hosts the channel by way of the Amazon App Store. In a similar light, FedEx currently offers a discount scheme, awarding NRA members an almost 30% deduction on shipments. has been linked to the root of the Twitter campaign, through their petition, which proposed for Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) to take NRAtv away from its website and streaming platform.

‘Moms Demand Action’, an organisation dedicated to gun safety in America, have also contributed to the fight for stricter gun control in America, by appealing for the channels removal from Google Chromecast, DirecTV and Roku, as well as Apple TV and Amazon FireTV.

Along with their TV channel, the NRA also hosts six apps with Apples App Store, mainly dedicated to digital editions of its print magazines.

Victims of the shooting are making their voices heard in the anti-gun movement, and are confronting lawmakers to keep America’s children safe. They’re also encouraging corporations to terminate their partnerships with the organization.