Apple, Cisco and Aon partner up to advance cyber risk management

Recognising cyber risks is of paramount importance to most businesses, but can be something people find themselves vulnerable to, where proper knowledge and procedures aren’t in place. To help the cause, tech giants Apple, Cisco and Aon have joined forces to find an answer.

Many of the decisions a business might choose to make e.g. moving to the cloud, will encompass cybersecurity in some way or other. So it’s important to assess the consequences these might come with, and act accordingly.

Companies are growing to be more digital at an exponential rate, and with this comes an increased risk of cyber threat. This is not to suggest that businesses should not continue to evolve digitally, it’s just important to be aware that this opens up more avenues for criminals to exploit.

So, to tackle the issue, Apple, Cisco, and Aon has teamed up to commence the first unified solution to govern cybersecurity- which in itself can be viewed as an umbrella term for ransomware along with other kinds of dangerous malware. This will include security devices, insurance coverage, in accordance with a multitude of other technologies.

Aon will be will providing in-depth security risk assessments, these will consist of Aon calculating how insurable a company is, as well as offering advice on how to close any gaps. Those who wish to carry on and increase their overall security stature will be given a plan, encompassing Cisco ransomware defence, combining advanced email security, endpoint protection, DNS security, and Apple devices- including iPhones, iPads and Macs

Those already implementing Cisco and Apple as part of their work will benefit from favoured terms, as well as decreased, or even no deductibles.

For a long time, Cisco has been hailed as a security merchant, although for Apple, these are the first steps in reversing their reputation for once being a company that bared no respect for security concerns.