GFG Style electric car to incorporate Internet of Things technology

Car manufacturer GFG Style and energy company Envision have joined forces to create Sibylla, an electric prototype car, integrating the Internet of Things, which will be showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

The concept car is a high-end four-door sedan, powered by Envision’s Enos platform, which can be described as an Internet of Things network, incorporating intelligent devices from across the globe. The cars exclusive features include photosensitive glass that becomes darker in bright sunlight, as well as a sliding windscreen as an alternative to conventional doors.

Founder and CEO of Envision, Zhang Lei stated that “Integration of EV charging into the electricity system is one of the biggest challenges for the automotive industry today,”.

“Sustainable mobility can only become a reality once sufficient clean energy is integrated into the energy system to charge millions of EVs, and for that to happen the world’s transport and energy systems need to merge into one ecosystem.”

The alliance with the EnOS will create a vehicle with ‘an intelligent green power plant’ and will have the ability to deposit as much energy as the average European household consumes in a one week. The concept car is also hooked up to a network of 100GW of reusable materials, meaning it can interact and distribute energy between surrounding vehicles and buildings.

Currently, Enos hold strong relationships with renown companies ChargePoint, who have upwards of 14,000 charging points, and dominate almost 70% electrical charging points, and AutoGrid, who’ve been dubbed as one of the top 100 clean technology companies by the Cleantech Group since 2013.