Dubai International airport benefits from Modular Data system created by Huawei

China’s Huawei is bringing change to Dubai’s International Airport (the world’s third busiest airport, behind Beijing Capital International and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International) with the globes first Tier III certified Modular Data Centre Complex. The venture was completed in just over one year, in accordance with United Arab Emirates month of innovation, which took place throughout … Continued

Progression at Google Maps

Google maps has recently been updated, and now promises to save you even more time by adding ‘shortcuts’ to its Travel Times widget. This latest feature was brought to us as part of the launch of iOS 10. ‘Shortcuts’ can be located on the lock screen of your iPhone/iPad, providing you with approximates on the … Continued

Tech giants improving schools

We’ve seen a gradual, yet significant rise in tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google becoming a part of British schooling, teachers are welcoming the change and are now even requesting more computer course materials. As part of this progression, Apple has extended its ‘Everyone Can Code’ programme (which in short is a step by … Continued

Road accidents fall as driverless tech increases

Recent figures have indicated that driverless cars have helped bring road traffic accidents in the UK down by 10% since 2013. Statistics provided by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders observe that almost 70% of new vehicles sold come with at least one driverless security accessory. On average 6 out 10 new cars are … Continued

Facebook admits they’re part of a bigger issue

A peculiar post indicating that Facebook might be bad for you was sent out on the 15th of December on Facebook’s corporate blog. The solution they offered- more Facebook. This latest post was the most recent their new sequence of ‘Hard Questions’ which hope to target the worries surrounding social media and its strain on … Continued