The most intriguing developments in modern tech

We live in a world where seemingly every day, we learn about exciting technological developments that will come to affect us one way or other. Below are some of the newest and intriguing pieces of technology that will likely become part of most of our lives.
Microsoft DNA storage
With its roots based in research with the storage of movies and documents in DNA, Microsoft is currently working on a device that would use biology to take the place of tape drives. Computer architects at Microsoft Research state they have a strict goal of having an operational storage system based on DNA working within a data centre by 2020.

They hope that it will become branded as ‘Your Storage with DNA,’

These proposals are revolutionary in that, videos, photos, or valuable documents could be stored in the same molecules that our genes are constructed of. The process has huge potential too, in DNA, every film ever created could be compacted into something smaller than a sugar cube.
Crackdown on Social Media terrorism
Whether you like her or not, one decision you’ll be sure to agree with by Theresa May’s is her crackdown on online extremism. Considering the chain of recent events that have shaken up the world, it would seem safe to assume that all areas of society would have buckled down on anything terrorist related. It seems, however, that social media platforms aren’t pulling their weight.

Salman Abedi for example, the man who carried out the recent Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, was found to have extremist material on his Instagram page. Translated from Arabic, his message warned of an imminent attack prior to the event itself, and the text could be seen in the days following. He’d also been seen to send threatening messages on various social media platforms- something the Police at the time ruled as freedom of speech.

Due to cases like these, it is under discussion whether new legal liability is required for tech corporations that do not remove extremist content- involving hefty fines where necessary.

As head of the UK’s new minority government, Theresa May visited Paris to discuss with the French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, how they can bring the war against terror to the online world.

Stating prior to her trip, May said: ‘The counter-terrorism cooperation between British and French intelligence agencies is already strong, but President Macron and I agree that more should be done to tackle the terrorist threat online.’