Exciting tech you can expect from 2018

The annual CES conference in Las Vegas promises to bring exciting innovations into the marketplace, and this year was no exception- below is a selection of some of the most anticipated technologies of 2018 that have been brought to light.

Tesla VR suit
The VR Teslasuit is described as ‘The world’s first full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit.’ It offers a wide range of sensations, from rain to heavy impacts- this is achieved by the ‘Teslasuit haptic library’, which targets specified areas of the body, focusing on muscle groups. The suit also provides motion capture systems, climate control, as a well as a streaming service, where data and graphics can be accessed by the Tesla remote VR-cloud, allowing users to interact with one another.

Dream sleep headband
Up to 35% of adults experience symptoms of insomnia, so this latest innovation could be a hit worldwide. The dream sleep head combines techniques of biofeedback and neuromodulation to improve your overall sleep. With the actual product, comes an intelligent app that provides in-depth sleep reports, allowing you to improve your deep sleep, along with a smart alarm that specifically wakes you up in the lighter stages of your slumber.

Fun puppy suitcase
This smart suitcase is programmed to automatically follow its owner around (hence the name puppy), and can also be summoned via remote control, allowing you to be hands-free. The Chinese company 90Fun have implemented segway technology, famed for creating the controversial two-wheel scooter, to implement a “gravity adaptive system” on the 20-inch suitcase, which helps the bag stay upright as it moves.