Cisco protecting you from Malware

A few months gone, Organisations worldwide left cleaning up after being caught out by WannaCry ransomware, those who were unlucky enough to be affected by this malware, whether that be at work or in an establishment saw important files completely lost.

Authorities have turned their attention to discovering who the assailants are, though, Mikko Hypponen, head of research at FSecure states that investigations are yet to reveal any suspects. ‘We’re tracking over 100 different ransom Trojan gangs, but we have no information on where WannaCry is coming from.’

Responsibility has now fallen on tech companies and people want to be assured that they’ll be protected. Though there have been huge progressions across multiple networks, Cisco are arguably the first tech corporation to take subversive actions in blocking out malware.

Cisco have announced the release of a new, and innovative ‘intent-based’ network that will have the ability to sense malware when it’s hidden in encrypted traffic, something as of yet, no other company has proven it can do. The new technology will make it more difficult for cyber attackers to carry out strikes against corporations using Cisco gear.

‘We’re ushering in a new era of networking that’s powered by intent, informed by context and over time continues to adapt and learn,’ Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins told CNBC’s David Faber on Tuesday. ‘This is a seminal moment in networking.’

The intent-based software, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, is by far the most progressive way to spot anomalies within encrypted traffic without compromising users privacy, Cisco stated. The software is presently undergoing field trials with 75 customers, and will be put forward as a subscription service. So far the software has been proven to be 99% effective.

‘With our investors, we’ve been talking about this continued shift to higher software content in our business,’ Robbins stated. ‘We believe that this launch today is the beginning of a journey to help us launch that software and subscription model in our core which is what our investors have been asking us about.’